Terms of use 

Information updated on February 5, 2024.


The Seu Jobs portal, a platform that encompasses a variety of content about job vacancies and career tips, is managed by the responsible team represented as “us” in this specific context.

Access and use of this portal are subject to the terms, conditions and policies described here. By accessing the portal, the user expresses his agreement with all provisions contained in this document.

The Seu Jobs team reserves the right to change these terms at any time, without prior notice. Such changes will be published on the portal and will come into effect immediately. Users are fully responsible for their behavior within the portal, and Seu Jobs assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by the user to themselves or third parties.

Users are prohibited from publishing illegal, defamatory, obscene content or content that violates the rights of third parties, using the portal for commercial purposes or interfering with its operation or the services offered.

Your Jobs collects and uses personal data from users for identification, registration and provision of services, as detailed in our Privacy Policy. By accessing and using Seu Jobs, the user agrees to the terms and conditions established in this document. If you do not agree, you must refrain from accessing the portal.

Section I – Admission

When exploring the content and taking advantage of the services offered on the Seu Jobs portal, the user is subject to the following conditions: accept the General Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy, in addition to being at least 18 years old and have full civil capacity. If these requirements are not met, it is recommended that the user refrain from accessing or using the services provided by the Seu Jobs portal.

Section II – Forms of Contact

To establish communication, the user can send their request using the form found at https://seujobs.com/contact/. Our support team is available to answer questions, resolve issues or receive feedback.

Section III – Mutual Responsibilities

When using Seu Jobs services, the user declares to have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy. The portal offers links to external pages, but is not responsible for the policies or terms of use of these sites. It is recommended that the user review the terms and policies of these platforms before carrying out any transaction.

We are not responsible for damages resulting from viruses or malicious software obtained during online browsing or data transfer. We recommend that the user takes precautions to protect their system, such as using up-to-date antivirus and firewall. We are also not responsible for damages resulting from inappropriate use of the site or events beyond our control.

We do not require deposits or bank transfers to approve or grant financial products. Requests of this type should be treated with caution as they may be fraudulent attempts. We do not send emails requesting personal or registration information. If you receive communications of this type, we ask that you contact us immediately using the form at https://seujobs.com/contact/.

Section IV – Terms of Use and Restrictions

To access and use our services and content, the user must follow the established conditions and restrictions, including the legal use of services, compliance with the law, respect for intellectual property, ethical behavior, veracity of information, security, respect for privacy , avoiding illegal or harmful activities, improper purposes and technical integrity. 

Seu Jobs reserves the right to suspend access to our services in case of violation of these restrictions.

Section V – Limitations of Liability and Warranties

Seu Jobs provides its services without offering guarantees of any kind. The user acknowledges that the use of the Seu Jobs website services may involve risks, and the responsibility for any damage or loss arising from the use of the services lies exclusively with the user. 

Seu Jobs, its directors, employees or partners will not be liable for indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages.

Section VI – Validity and Deadline

Complaints related to the use of the Seu Jobs website must be submitted within 90 days from the date of the event giving rise to the complaint. The General Terms and Conditions of Use of Seu Jobs remain in force for an indefinite period of time.

Section VII – Legislation and Place of Jurisdiction

The General Terms and Conditions of Use of Seu Jobs and the Privacy Policy are governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, including the Federal Constitution, the Civil Code, the Consumer Protection Code, the General Law of the Marco Civil da Internet and the General Data Protection Law.

Section VIII – Content and Intellectual Rights

The content present on Seu Jobs, including texts, images, videos and other materials, is the property of Seu Jobs and its collaborators, protected by copyright and intellectual property regulations. Any reproduction, modification, distribution, display or creation of derivative works from this content without express authorization from Seu Jobs is strictly prohibited.

Seu Jobs does not assume responsibility for content generated by third parties, such as comments and posts on forums or social networks. Furthermore, it is not responsible for damages arising from the use of the website, whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential. The company reserves the right to remove content that violates these conditions, especially those considered illegal, offensive, defamatory, or that violate the rights of third parties, and may also terminate the accounts of users who fail to comply with these conditions.

Section IX – Changes to Terms and Conditions

The services offered by Seu Jobs may be changed or even suspended at any time, without prior notice. Seu Jobs assumes no responsibility to users or third parties for such modifications. Accepting these Terms and Conditions is an irrevocable condition for using the Seu Jobs website. Users who do not agree with these conditions must refrain from using it.

Section X – Contact Information

If the user has suggestions or complaints about the content and services of the Seu Jobs website, we recommend contacting our customer service team through the channel https://seujobs.com/contact/.